Website Security

Basic DDoS Protection & High performing Web Application Firewall (WAF)

With the increasing cyber threats happening everyday, no website is spared from being attacked by unknowns. Besides providing the basic protection for DDoS attacks, WAF is a value-added service to provide protection and safer website performance as content delivers across the global CDN infrastructure. It sniffs for known attacks by inspecting the traffic heading for the customer origin with a set of rules of up-to-date known threats/attacks.

All website content from its origin and requested for delivery must pass through WAF and is transparent to the internet. It will apply three checks before passing a response to an HTTP request: signature, Request Security and Response Security Check. Hence it provides content filtering, signature analysis, adaptive XXS & CSRF Protection, and OWASP Top 10 compliance. It also protects attack to other nodes in the CDN network and posses no impact when there is threat on one of the nodes.

Website Optimisation

Dynamic Site (Web) Optimisation (DSO)

The DSO feature is crafted to allow automatic optimising of each website to accelerate delivery of all its content (light and heavy) to and from any location, to maximise best viewing and navigation on any device, and to minimise website outage. This involves intelligence in faster rendering, payload reducing, resource consolidating, protocol managing, image optimising, browser adaptation, smart content caching and resource filtering and more. These are done through functions such as outline, combine and rewrite the CSS and style attributes, JavaScript, images, convert formats, extend caching, trimming and removing of elements.


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