Better Transparent Caching

To help tackle that problem, SwiftServe provides intelligent, transparent caching solutions based on the SwiftCache appliances. These solutions enable you to optimise the delivery of virtually any content to your customers, including web-pages, large-files, videos and live-streaming.

You may have already deployed some form of caching in your network. However, the nature of the Internet has evolved in recent years, and in particular video now represents the largest single source of data traffic. As a result, your caching appliances are becoming less effective and their performance is suffering. This translates into rising costs for you.

SwiftCache embeds the very latest thinking in caching technology, and in particular is optimised to handle video traffic. It can replace your existing caching solutions, or be operated along-side them.

Start Benefiting Now

By deploying SwiftCache within your network, you can:

  • Reduce the amount of international transic bandwidth consumed and the volume of traffic in the regional backhaul by between 30% and 80% (depending on the type of traffic cached and how well the platform can be optimised) - this means OPEX cost savings for you.
  • Reduce the need to invest in infrastructure to cope with the rise in traffic, which translates into CAPEX savings.
  • Improve the response times for your customers (end-users), enhancing their experience and their satisfaction.

Contact SwiftServe to find out how SwiftCache can offer you a faster, safer and better way to improve your delivery of content in your network.

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