As a network service provider, you are transporting content on your network on behalf of others, and probably not receiving any special payment for it. Furthermore, this content is becoming increasingly bandwidth-hungry (videos, live-streams, large-files) and therefore costing you more and more to carry.

SwiftServe allows you to become more actively involved in content delivery, and create new, high-value revenue streams. Whether you wish to deliver your own content, offer content delivery services to your customers, or simply be paid for delivering other people's content, SwiftServe is the right CDN partner for you.

CDN Solutions to Suit Your Needs and Ambitions

SwiftServe provides both reseller and licensed CDN options for Network Service Providers.

Become a Reseller: White-label CDN

The simplest and fastest way to get involved with content delivery is to become a reseller of the SwiftServe CDN service.

As a reseller, you can build a compelling value-added content delivery service very rapidly, with virtually no capital expenditure or risk. You can rebrand the CDN as your own, and start generating revenue by offering to your customers exciting services such as web-acceleration, file-download optimisation, video-on-demand delivery and live-streaming capabilities.

Build your own CDN: Licensed CDN

With SwiftServe's licensed CDN offering, SwiftCDN, you can build your own CDN to distribute and deliver your content or your customers' content on your own network. This way, you can create a "private" CDN, for exclusive use by you and your customers.

Join the SwiftServe CDN Federation

The SwiftServe CDN Federation enables you to combine the benefits of having your private network and being part of a global CDN network. Find out more here.

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