Scalablility, Availability and Cost Effective

SwiftServe is new generation Content Delivery Network (CDN) designed specifically to meet the rich media demands of the new century, offered as both Private CDN and Public CDN. Hybrid CDN is the licensed CDN that composes these 2 offerings by deploying SwiftCDN Content and Delivery Appliances (CAs and DAs) on-net and connecting through cloud services for off-net delivery.

Apart from the benefit of having a better-cost control in terms of capacity planning for future expansion over Private CDN infrastructure, it provides the facility to off-load unexpected demand and maintain quality of service for end users, hence extend the reach of for your content.


Hybrid CDN Benefits

The SwiftCDN Hybrid CDN has several benefits:

  • Full featured CDN

  • Localised delivery means high QoE for your end users

  • Low operational expenses

  • Competitors excluded – your delivery capability is dedicated to you and your customers

  • Global reach for off-net delivery

  • Provides facility for peak traffic offload – e.g. Flash crowds

  • Outage protection – maintain delivery in the event of local outage:


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