File Download Optimization

Whether you are publishing a new software release or you are distributing the complete set of your latest marketing material to all your customer-facing employees, you know the challenge of delivering comparatively large files securely to a wide-audience in many geographic locations.

The issue is not so much the size of the files involved (they may be just a few Mbytes), as the fact that many people want to retrieve them, often at the same time and from places that might be far away from your central servers. Your monthly data download allowance from your Internet Service Provider might be largely consummed by the delivery to your target audience, and your maximum bandwidth capacity is easily reached. Your customers or employees may become frustrated at not being able to get the files they need.

One solution would be for you to build up your infrastructure to cope with this issue, but that would be expensive and probably cannot be justified since these are fairly irregular events for you.

Fortunately, there is another solution to problem of file distribution: the SwiftServe CDN service.

With the SwiftServe CDN service, you can distribute your files, securely and fast to your target audience, wherever it might be in the world, and without needing to invest in infrastructure. The SwiftServe CDN service will cope with any peaks in demand, and provide consitently fast and reliable download speeds for your customers, who will be able to get the files they need, when they want them. The SwiftServe CDN service will save you money, and increase the satisfaction of your target audience.

SwiftServe's CDN service is the faster, safer, better way to optimise your file downloads.

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