SwiftServe provides a carrier-grade security platform based on SwiftCache, enabling network service providers like you to:

  • Comply with legal requirements to prevent access to certain sites or types of content.
  • Offer network-based content security services to home and small business users - providing the same protection and performance experienced by large enterprises, without the need to install any application on PCs or mobile devices.

Provide Sophisticated Filtering

SwiftCache's content filtering solution supports:

  • The ability to block sites that may be illegal, inappropriate, infringing copyright, or time-wasting.
  • Dynamic content classification, in order to determine the type of site to which access is being requested.
  • Integration with any existing AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting) infrastructure.
  • The creation of bespoke filtering policies for individual homes and businesses.
  • The definition of white-lists and black-lists of sites that can and cannot be visited respectively.
  • Time-based policies, e.g. to allow access to online gaming only during vacation time.
  • Web-based reports showing attempts to visit any blocked sites.

Generate New Revenues From Value-Added Services

With the SwiftCache-based content filtering solution, you can create new value-add services for your customers which:

  • Contribute the customers' satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Generate new revenue streams - on top of the savings provided by the transparent caching.

SwiftServe's content filtering solution provides a faster, safer and better way to comply with legislation and provide peace of mind to parents and businesses.

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