Delivering Multimedia Content is Challenging

There are many technical and workflow challenges to overcome when trying to deliver multimedia content to audiences across the Internet. Chief amongst these are:

  • Handling the wide-range of content that is delivered over the Internet these days, from simple web-pages to complex high-definition video live-streaming of events
  • Adapting the content to a great variety of devices, including different smartphones, tablets, PCs, TVs
  • Ensuring the content is protected, so that only authorised users may access it
  • Delivering consistently high-performance, however many people access the content, wherever they might be in the world, and whatever device they might be using
  • Tracking usage, for example for charging or billing purposes, or analytics

That is why, whether you are a content publisher looking to distribute your valuable content or a network service provider wanting to offer content delivery services to your customers, you need to be sure you are choosing the right Content Delivery Network (CDN) partner.

SwiftServe - Your CDN Partner

SwiftServe operates SwiftServe CDN, a global next generation CDN, built on the advanced SwiftCDN technology, and provided as a service to content publishers or network service providers.


The SwiftServe CDN network is designed to deliver multi-media content fast, securely and reliably to end-users across the globe. SwiftServe's CDN services include web-acceleration, file download optimisation, video on demand (VoD), and live streaming.


SwiftServe also enables Network Service Providers to resell these services, branded as their own.

Great Features

The SwiftServe CDN features include:

  • Global coverage, with PoPs across the world
  • Fast delivery of content anywhere over HTTP, RTMP, HDS, HLS, and Smooth
  • Safe delivery to virtually any device, including PCs, laptops, tablets or mobile phones running Windows, Linux, iOS or Android
  • Handling a variety for video encoding, including industry standard H.264
  • Extensive policies to protect content from unauthroised access, including IP-address restrictions, "geoblocking" (for geographic restrictions) and token-based authentication (enabling multi-level restrictions based on business logic)
  • Logging of usage for billing and analytics purposes

"Our requirements were challenging but SwiftServe was able to provide us with an immediate and effective solution with their expertise and full technical support",

-- True Corporation (Thailand)

With a great global CDN coverage, SwiftServe can deliver content on your behalf securely, wherever your audience might be.

In short, SwiftServe provides a faster, safer and better route to market.

For you as a network service provider, this means you can provide a better service to your subscribers, while realising big savings.

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