A simple web-portal service for even non-technical website owners to start accelerating and optimising their website performance, and protection against cyber attacks.

Website Performance & Security needs for SMEs

For most large, medium or small organisation and businesses, the website today plays a more critical role in this online era. It is not just a medium of information availability to the public, but the identity, 24x7 ‘face’ representation and even direct revenue source for the business. Hence, consequences of website downtime or slow performance are also widely acknowledged, ranging from loss of business revenues to damaged reputation.

There are real challenges to ensuring your website is constantly performing at tip-top levels, especially for SME business with less extensive resources. These include both performance and security needs for fast page load, quick content refresh, accelerate content delivery to & from all locations, prevention of hacking and block cyber attacks, 24x7 site availability and optimisation of website for all devices.

Introducing SwiftSentry for Service Providers

SwiftSentry is the solution designed to address these challenges and needs. This is a cloud-based service which allows even non-technical administrators to quickly turn-on and easily self-provision to beef up their website’s performance and security.

SwiftSentry offers a quality and reliable service that integrates CDN website acceleration, Website Application Firewall (WAF), Dynamic Site Optimisation (DSO), short web TLL, live traffic and analytics reporting, bundled with responsive email support and online payment integration.

With the simplicity and completeness of SwiftSentry service offering, Service and Content Providers can go to market more speedily and readily. It will benefit as a faster tool for market outreach, new revenue creation, and even marketing in product bundling or value adding within short timeline

For you as a network service provider, this means you can provide a better service to your subscribers, while realising big savings.

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