SwiftServe CDN Technology

SwiftCDN utilises the same technology components that are used in the SwiftServe CDN. This provides you with the comfort to know that SwiftCDN has been tried and tested on a large scale. It also means that you can easily connect your CDN with the global SwiftServe CDN if you wish, enabling you to create new revenue streams.

Your CDN will be able to deliver the full range of services offered by SwiftServe CDN, including web-acceleration, file download optimisation, video on demand (VoD), and live streaming. You will be able to deliver both your customers' and your own content anywhere over HTTP, RTMP, HDS, HLS, and Smooth, and to virtually any device, including PCs, laptops, tablets or mobile phones running Windows, Linux, iOS or Android. You can restrict access to your content to ranges of IP addresses, to specific geographies (geoblocking) as well a various business related factors with token-based authentication.

Creating New Revenue Streams

SwiftCDN enables you to

  • Provide value-added services to local content publishers for the efficient and secure delivery of their content locally
  • Deliver cost-effectively any content to which you own the rights

By becoming a SwiftServe CDN Federation partner, you can

  • Enhance your service to local content publishers by including global distribution of content, via the SwiftServe CDN
  • Receive payment for delivering locally on behalf of SwiftServe content originating from elsewhere

With SwiftCDN, you have a faster, safer and better way to build your own CDN

You can download a Conversant white paper on important points to consider when selecting content distribution technology, here.

For you as a network service provider, this means you can provide a better service to your subscribers, while realising big savings.

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