Compelling Benefits

By deploying SwiftCache within your network, you can

Create new revenue streams by offering a content filtering service to your customers or by using your cache to become a delivery partner for the SwiftServe CDN service
Reduce the need to invest in infrastructure to cope with the rise in traffic, which translates into CAPEX savings
Improve the response times for your customers (end-users), enhancing their experience and their satisfaction.
Gain a better understanding of what is happening on your network, and what your customers are doing.
Reduce the amount of international transit bandwidth consumed and the volume of traffic in the regional backhaul by between 30% and 80% (depending on the type of traffic cached and how well the platform can be optimised) - this means OPEX cost savings for you.

These significant benefits ensure you of a faster, safer and better ROI, making the investment in SwiftCache a very low risk option with a significant upside.

Great Features

SwiftCache offers you great features, including

  • Appliance models with specifications to suit the size of your network and the complexity of your caching needs
  • Optimised for video delivery and the modern Internet
  • Comprehensive reporting, including cache hit-rates and traffic levels on a per-site basis for most popular sites
  • Clustering and inter-cache communication, for greater scalability and resilience, with the ability to manage and configure the cluster as a single machine
  • Content Filtering, including using white and black-lists or selection by category e.g. social media
  • Overload or bypass mode to ensure that, should the cache become overloading, it will not disrupt user experience
  • No disruption to non-HTTP content
  • Cloud-based service for rule updates to ensure optimal cache performance
  • Highly flexible policy configurations to handle dynamic URLs, video-seek requests, and other such content that has traditionally been very difficult to cache effectively
  • Easy management via a web-based GUI, or with scriptable CLI or SNMP

Download our whitepaper on how to turn your SwiftCaches into revenue generators here

For you as a network service provider, this means you can provide a better service to your subscribers, while realising big savings.

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