Feb. 18, 2016

Press Release :TurboBytes offers SwiftServe CDN services on their multi-CDN platform

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TurboBytes offers SwiftServe CDN services on their multi-CDN platform

TurboBytes is a modern and growing web-based multi-CDN service provider based in The Netherlands  

Singapore, 18 February 2016 –SwiftServe is pleased to announce TurboBytes has selected SwiftServe CDN to be part of their global, intelligent multi-CDN platform.  

In order to better meet the increasing demand for reliable, high-speed delivery of digital content across countries and continents, TurboBytes was in search of an additional high performance CDN service to expand its global CDN network and provide better global coverage. “We are delighted to enter a long-term partnership with SwiftServe. Their network coverage and performance in South Asia is excellent, especially in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam. SwiftServe provides a high quality service and great support, and we’re confident this partnership will help us execute our plan for accelerated growth,” said Aaron Peters, CEO of TurboBytes.

“TurboBytes is not only a prominent multi-CDN provider, it ensures content are delivered by the fastest CDN in any given country or state. It is committed to optimising websites’ performance and user experience with its highly reliable service and technology. SwiftServe is delighted to partner with TurboBytes working towards this same commitment continually.” said Cheong Kong Wai, CEO of SwiftServe.

About TurboBytes

TurboBytes is a fast-growing technology company that provides innovative, high performance content delivery solutions to SMBs and Enterprises worldwide.

For more information about TurboBytes, please contact info@turbobytes.com or visit http://www.turbobytes.com/.

About SwiftServe

SwiftServe is a dynamic technology company that develops hybrid and cloud-based solutions on content delivery, transparent caching and web security. We aim to enable network service providers and content publishers to build and deploy Hybrid CDN and web optimisation services, to deliver any content globally to any devices faster, safer and better. For more information on SwiftServe and solutions, please contact sales@swiftserve.com, or visit http://www.swiftserve.com.


For further information, please contact:

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Email: info@swiftserve.com

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