June 26, 2015

Press Release: Genflix’s Copa America content delivers by SwiftServe CDN

SwiftServe, subsidiary of Conversant, is glad to be chosen to work closely with Orange TV Group for Genflix’s OTT content delivery. Genflix was launched in September 2013 as Indonesia's first commercial OTT service providing a vast range of premium offerings for customers using mobile apps. It can manage, deliver, secure and monetize both linear and video-on-demand (VOD) streams on any device, and has grown to be a market leader as it is fast capturing Indonesia’s rapid-growing mobile users.

Today Genflix 2.0 is also committed to present sports content, such as BPL, Major League Soccer (MLS), the National League Brazil, Power Football League Championship, the FA Cup, Coppa Italia, Coupe de la Ligue.

The current streaming highlight, Copa America, is managed and supported by SwiftServe CDN service in the content delivery. We serve the Indonesia large market geographical spread with 16 POPs strategically located throughout the country. Hence Genflix content is confidently purposed to be delivered more efficiently for all viewing platforms with SwiftServe CDN service to meet the high growing demand and performance.

It was estimated that by 2018 this market will surpass 100 million active smart phone users. It is as important to SwiftServe and Orange TV to continually improve our high service level and optimize user experience to maintain our leading positions in the market respectively.

About SwiftServe

SwiftServe is a dynamic technology company that develops solutions for content publishers and network service providers which enable them to deliver multimedia content over the Internet to any device, faster, safer and better. For more information on SwiftServe and solutions, please contact sales@swiftserve.com, or visit http://www.swiftserve.com/.

About Conversant

Conversant is a privately held technology company with strong regional presence that focuses on developing and offering scalable, modular and complete end-to-end solution with SwiftServe and Swift range of products for telecommunication service providers. As the industry evolves to be more driven by video content and applications, our CDN, transparent caching and OTT solutions enable them to optimise CAPEX and monetise with multimedia contents delivered both on carrier-grade cloud and hybrid services. For more information on Conversant and solutions, please contact sales@conversant.com.sg, or visit www.converant.com.sg

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