The Challenge

This convergent operator was experiencing a year-on-year growth in demand for bandwidth of over 100%, largely fuelled by the popularity of video content amongst customers. As the largest Internet Service Provider (ISP) in its country, the operator became increasingly concerned that, as well as leading to a rapid increase in the fee they pay for international transit, this would result in serious network congestion which would affect the Quality of Service (QoS).

The Solution

The operator already had some caching appliances from another vendor in place, but these were proving inadequate. In particular, these appliances were not able to properly cache sites (including popular video-sharing sites) that have multiple URLs for the same content. It was time to invest in a state-of-the-art transparent caching solution.

After extensive trials and testing on their network, the operator picked SwiftServe's transparent caching as its next generation caching solution, because of its superior ability to handle video traffic and of its outstanding allround performance.

The Benefits

By deploying SwiftCache appliances in its network, this operator was able to achieve measurable results:

This in turn created a greater customer experience and most importantly for the operator, a reduction in costs.

Contact SwiftServe to find out how, with SwiftServe's transparent caching solution, you too would have a faster, safe and better way to turn a congestion problem into an improved service with an immediate impact on the bottom-line.

For you as a network service provider, this means you can provide a better service to your subscribers, while realising big savings.