The Challenge

A leading eLearning Content Provider for primary and secondary schools was about to re-launch of its service, with a completely new multi-media portal being the centre-piece of this project.

As a leader in its industry, it knew that a good customer experience would be the key to success for the project, and in order to deliver a good customer experience, the portal would have to be highly responsive - especially as most of its customers are children, who always have high expectations!

As this eLearning Content Provider's customer base grew, how could it ensure the consistently high performance of the portal, even at peak times, without investing heavily in infrastructure? The Content Provider turned to SwiftServe for help.

The Solution

SwiftServe provided the SwiftServe CDN service, which allowed the e-learning specialist to improve the response times of its portal (web-acceleration), the download speed for its course material and the viewing of its educational videos.

The Benefits

Without needing to invest in infrastructure or additional man-power, the Content Provider has been able to offer its subscribers a better access to course material, thereby providing a superior customer experience.

The subsequent growth of the Content Provider's customer base is a testimony to the fact that, with SwiftServe, this elearning specialist found a faster, safer and better way to deliver courses.

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For you as a network service provider, this means you can provide a better service to your subscribers, while realising big savings.