The Challenge

An operator in South-East Asia, providing fixed, mobile and internet services to millions of subscribers, wanted to grow its revenue by offering content delivery capabilities to to some of its enterprise customers. The question for this operator was whether to build its own CDN or partner with an existing provider.

Building a CDN would have taken lot of resources both in terms time and money. The operator decided that a better option for it was to find a partner with a strong local presence who had the expertise in supporting telecommunications providers with the entire CDN service. That's how the operator came to select SwiftServe.

The Solution

The SwiftServe solution for this operator is a hybrid of reseller and licensed CDN, i.e. the operator hosts a number of SwiftCDN appliances in its network, which are connected to the global SwiftServe CDN. The operator markets the resulting CDN as its own to its customers (white-label approach).

The Benefits

By choosing SwiftServe as its CDN partner, this convergent operator has:

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For you as a network service provider, this means you can provide a better service to your subscribers, while realising big savings.