SwiftServe's CDN solution has enabled both StarHub and our enterprise customers to generate more revenue.
- StarHub (Singapore)

SwiftServe solutions are being used by leading network service providers such as Singtel (Singapore) and True (Thailand). SwiftServe has also helped a number of content publishers offer a better user-experience to their customers.

Customers chose SwiftServe because of its great solutions, the superior expertise of its people and the company's proven ability to deliver:

Case Studies

Operator Reduces Data-Traffic and Improves QoS

The operator already had some caching appliances from another vendor in place, but these were proving inadequate.

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Convergent Operator Resells CDN Services

The SwiftServe solution for this operator is a hybrid of reseller and licensed CDN, which are connected to the global SwiftServe CDN.

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eLearning Content Provider Improves Course Delivery

SwiftServe provided the SwiftServe CDN service, which allowed the e-learning specialist to improve the response times of its portal.

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For you as a network service provider, this means you can provide a better service to your subscribers, while realising big savings.