SwiftServe helps content publishers and network service providers profit from delivering a better Internet multimedia experience to their customers.

Transparent Caching

SwiftServe offers a high performance media-caching appliance designed specifically for network service providers.

The intelligent caching engine caches all types of multimedia traffic optimally, including:
  • Web traffic
  • File and photo sharing sites
  • Video traffic
    most importantly for the modern internet
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CDN Technology

SwiftServe operates a growing, global next-generation Content Delivery
Network (CDN) that allows content publishers to deliver any content to
any device efficiently and securely.

SwiftServe also provides CDN appliances that enable network service providers to participate in the content delivery value chain by creating their own CDN.
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Building a CDN Federation in Asia

SwiftServe CTO Adam Twiss explains why and how SwiftServe has been building a CDN federation in Asia in partnership with network operators.

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The SwiftServe CDN Federation

The SwiftServe CDN Federation brings together like-minded network service providers who want to combine the benefits of having a private network with being part of a global CDN network.

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